Using Ansible to Manage Azure VMs and Deploying Couchbase – You’ve Got To Love it

Many of the organizations I work with are using Ansible to configure and manage VMs; Ansible is a powerful and very easy to use agentless configuration management and orchestration framework, it uses SSH to communicate and interact with Nodes (being VMs or bare metal).
In this post , we will show you how you can use an ARM Template and Linux custom script extensions to install and set Ansible up , so you can Ansible to manage a group of VMs.

The Scenario : Manage a Group of Azure VMs with Ansible

These two templates will show you how you can use Ansible to Manage Azure VMS :

Advanced Linux Ansible Template : Setup Ansible to efficiently manage N Linux VMs
Deploy a Multi VM Couchbase Cluster

The following diagram shows what objects the template will create :

Get the Code!

Use this ARM template to create a group of identical Ubuntu VMS and manage them using Ansible. This template shows how you can use Ansible to install and configure Couchbase in a fully automated manner.